22 Halloween costume ideas that won't get you in trouble at work

Halloween is coming, and in some offices, that means the office
Halloween party is fast approaching, too. While you may think your sexy
Handmaid’s costume or Steve Jobs costume is hilarious, you don’t want to
be the kind of person who alienates all the women and Apple fans in
your office by your insensitive attire. And let’s not forget that, every
year, someone seems to go viral after wearing an ill-conceived costume,
only to face enormous social media backlash—and sometimes even get

To help avoid that happening to you, here are a few work-appropriate
Halloween costume ideas that won’t earn you a scolding from the HR

Microsoft’s Clippy

Zombie MySpace

A Herman Miller Aeron Chair

A No. 2 pencil

Facebook’s new community standards


The Houston Astros left field

A giant rabbit


Non-Twilight vampires

Harry Potter

Elon Musk on a podcast

A carrot

Gary Vaynerchuk

A full office watercooler (JK, that doesn’t exist!)

The ghost of Friendster

A Seamless delivery driver (you’ll be really popular!)

An Instagram influencer

An anonymous corporate drone

A regular drone

A fax machine

Anything that is not “slutty,” misogynistic, racially insensitive,
culturally appropriative, or involves mocking the HR department to their


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