AT&T is planning to launch a 5G mobile network in the coming weeks

It will only roll out to a handful of cities initially

ISPs have finally begun to make good on their 5G promises. Earlier this
month, Verizon rolled out its 5G Home service in four US cities. The
service promises speeds of "up to" 1GB/s, averaging out at 300MB/s.

Now, it seems we won't have to wait long to see AT&T follow suit (in
a fashion). According to VentureBeat, AT&T today announced during a
conference call that it plans to launch a mobile 5G network in the
coming weeks, in "parts" of 12 different cities.

These cities will reportedly include the likes of Charlotte, Dallas,
Houston, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Louisville, New Orleans,
Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Raleigh, and Waco.

Of course, as previously mentioned, 5G will only arrive in specific
parts of these cities. As such, even if you're lucky enough to live in
one of AT&T's 5G-ready areas, there's still a chance you won't have
access to the service for some time. Users who live in more
densely-populated areas probably have a better shot of receiving 5G than
those who live in more rural locations.

After AT&T finished its initial 5G rollout, 7 additional cities will
receive the new wireless technology during "early 2019." VentureBeat
says these cities will include Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco,
San Jose, Las Vegas, Nashville, and Orlando.

AT&T has not given us an official launch date for its 5G network,
but most outlets seem to agree that it will take place sometime in
November - provided there aren't any major last-minute delays, of

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