Britney Spears’ co-conservator wants a raise

Keeping Britney Spears safe isn’t cheap.

Lawyer Andrew Wallet, the singer’s co-conservator, has recently asked
for a pay increase from the singer, citing his efforts to keep Spears,
36, away from drugs and her successful return to the public eye, in
documents obtained by The Blast.

He is seeking $426,000 per year.

Wallet claims that when he started working for the pop star 10 years
ago, her estate was “nearly out of funds” and in “total chaos with
tremendous liabilities.” He says it has since increased by $20 million
in value.

More so, he says that throughout his time working with Spears, he
personally intervened to keep her away from drugs while on tour.

“Declarant was greatly concerned at the planning stages for the ‘Circus’
Tour,” Wallet stated of her comeback tour in 2009 after her struggles
with substance abuse were made public. He claims that he stepped in to
prevent “the many hundreds of vendors, drivers, dancers, hair stylists,
performers, etc. [that] could bring financial disaster to the tour by
providing illegal substances to the Conservatee.”

And considering that she just announced dates for her “Domination”
residency at Las Vegas’ Park Theater at Park MGM, he speculated that the
“next several years promise to be very lucrative.”

Wallet is also leveraging Spears’ current healthy lifestyle, which he
describes as an “increased well being and her capacity to be engaged,”
as collateral for a raise.

Spears’ other conservator is her father, Jamie.

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