Cava is giving its 1,600 employees paid leave to vote on Election Day

The Mediterranian-style fast food chain is the first known restaurant
chain to be offering the benefit. On November 6th, all of its employees
will receive two hours of paid leave so they can get to the polls and
vote, the Washingtonian reports. Cava cofounder Ted Xenohristos says
that he sees the offer as just another of the chain’s employee benefits,
which already includes paid sick, parental, and vacation leave as well
as paid community service days for all employees.

“It’s not always easy for everyone with childcare and finding
transportation and working multiple jobs. With the voter turnout being
so low in the states, we’re trying to get people to be part of their
communities and get them involved,” Xenohristos said. In addition to
giving its employees paid leave on Election Day, Cava is working with to provide Cava’s employees with information about registering
to vote, polling hours and locations, early voting and more.

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