Ford’s new Mustang gets leaked on Instagram

The upcoming 2019 Mustang Shelby GT500 is one of the most anticipated
cars of 2019, and Ford has carefully built up hype around it. But all
that might have been for naught as it appears a 20-year-old with the
Instagram handle @sinister_lifestyle just leaked the first clear
photograph of the car months before its official unveiling at the 2019
North American International Auto Show in Detroit this upcoming January.

@sinister_lifestyle, also known as Kyle, posted a photo he said was sent
to him that is allegedly a legit pic of the 2019/2020 Ford Mustang
Shelby GT500. But if it is legit (and the consensus says it is), how did
Kyle get the snap? Most likely it was sent to him by a car dealer
attending a national dealer meeting in Las Vegas. Ford would presumably
show off the car there–under tight NDAs–to dealers to whet their
appetite for their 2019 flagship, says Road and Track.

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