Gmail gets its hooks into Box, Dropbox, and more

Gmail users can now work with online services like Box, Dropbox, and Atlassian’s Jira without ever leaving their inboxes.

With a new feature called “compose actions,” users can save files
directly to Dropbox, attach Jira or Bitbucket links with comments
included, and attach files from Dropbox, Box, or Egnyte. (The Dropbox
actions actually launched over the summer, but the others are new.)
Google says more compose actions are coming soon, and they’ll be
available through the G Suite marketplace.

Compose actions are an extension of Gmail add-ons, which launched last
year. They also make use of Google’s recent Gmail redesign that added
lots of new features and a fresh look. It’ll be interesting to see what
other actions emerge as more developers get on board.

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