security breach leaks info for 75,000 people

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services didn't say what information leaked.

Today The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced
that, the federally operated health insurance
marketplace, has suffered a data breach. Apparently it detected
"anomalous system activity" in a tool that's supposed to be used for
brokers to help consumers get insurance coverage on October 13th, and
declared the breach three days later.

The CMS reports that it believes files for as many as 75,000 people were
accessed, however it did not say what information specifically may have
been revealed. It said in a statement that "CMS followed standard and
appropriate security and risk protocols for researching and reporting
the incident. Upon verification of the breach, CMS took immediate steps
to secure the system and consumer information, further investigate the
incident, and subsequently notify Federal law enforcement. We are
actively engaged in and committed to helping those potentially impacted
as well as ensuring the protection of consumer information."

There have been warnings about security for state and federal healthcare
websites before, and there was a hack in 2014 that didn't leak any
data. The website is still operation, although the Direct Enrollment
pathway for brokers has been disabled temporarily.

With the Affordable Care Act-created site in turmoil politically, the
timing of the breach is especially bad just before open enrollment for
2019 coverage begins. It will run from November 1st until December 15th,
giving people who don't have health insurance through some other means a
way to get covered. Once that period closes, they can only sign up
through a Special Enrollment period if they have a qualifying life

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