Hilton gets a new “Motto,” an affordable chic hotel brand

As Hilton nears its 100th anniversary, the
hotel group is shaking off the cobwebs with a new brand geared to young
travelers who lost their Hostelling International membership card at
Glastonbury. Today they announced Motto by Hilton, an affordable,
stylish brand aimed at travelers who like the “trifecta of centrally
located, reasonably priced and less traditional lodging”, according to a
statement. It’s like a youth hostel, minus the whole
sleeping-with-strangers thing.

If you’re wondering what the heck that means think small rooms (163
square feet) outfitted with space-saving features like wall-beds, lofted
beds, and “multi-functional furniture” that can be discreetly stowed
when not in use. (Anyone else start picturing the Barbie Fold ‘n’ Fun
Home?) In case you’re worried that you won’t be able to sleep with all
that furniture folding going on, Motto by Hilton is ready to help.
There’s a premium mattress; a Sleep Kit with eye masks, essential oils
or vitamin bars; a white noise app; blackout window shades; or sound
absorbing materials throughout the room.

As well as making it easier to put together a group of friends with whom
to travel with new options to book multiple connecting rooms in advance
and allowing guests to split payments between more than one person at
the time of booking. The rooms will also be connected to the Hilton
Honors app, letting guests control the room temperature, lighting, TV,
window coverings, etc. from their phones.

While some people may be willing to pay for a bed that doesn’t fold into
the wall, Motto by Hilton could be the perfect option for people who
don’t plan to spend their vacation sleeping.

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