Kendall Jenner's favorite Estée Lauder lipstick has harmful ingre

Want to know if the beauty products you’re buying are bad for you?
There’s an app for that. Actually, there are many apps for that.
Bloomberg today writes about the new trend of apps that tell consumers
how bad the ingredients in their cosmetics are.

app from Canada, Think Dirty, has a home screen that asks “Is your
bathroom Kardashian-filthy?” Because, as it turns out, many of the
products hawked by the reality TV stars aren’t so great. In fact,
according to the app, Estée Lauder’s Drop Dead Red lipstick–which is a
known favorite of Kendall Jenner’s–rates quite poorly on Think Dirty. On
a scale from 1 to 10–where 1 is good and 10 is the worst–Drop Dead Red
rates a 7. Says Bloomberg, this is because it contains an ingredient
called polyethylene, which is said to cause allergies. (Estée Lauder
tells the news outlet that it is “not a known allergen.&rdquo Of
course, many cosmetics are known to have loads of unhealthy ingredients,
so this shouldn’t come as a huge shock.

Apps like these are becoming more and more popular, and may become a
threatening tool for larger cosmetics companies that use less-than-ideal
ingredients. Will the app’s poor rating cause Kendall to change her
mind about the lipstick? I suppose that depends on how much Estée Lauder
is paying her.

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