Lufthansa and IBM Watson think AI can convince you to use your vacatio

Move over, Mad Men. Watson has just landed an airline advertising campaign.

Lufthansa has teamed up with IBM Watson Advertising to launch an
AI-powered ad, a first for the airline industry. The campaign focuses on
exploring a world of new possibilities in an effort to get would-be
travelers off the couch and into a seat on one of Lufthansa’s planes.

The interactive ads, powered by IBM Watson, let consumers chat in
natural language and ask general airline questions about what it’s like
to fly Lufthansa. The ads (being ads and all) also try to lure customers
into taking a European vacation by showing them photos of Rome, Paris,
and Barcelona, as well as offering travel tips and vacation ideas
accompanied by a link to a flight reservation page.

“Lufthansa continues to drive value to the consumer through the use of
new and innovative technologies such as A.I., both on our aircraft and
off,” said Benita Struve, Lufthansa’s head of marketing communications
and campaigns, in a statement. “This marketing campaign not only
inspires exciting travel, it also utilizes the most innovative methods
to provide a personalized experience.”

Currently the AI-powered ad campaign is running on, The
Weather Channel app, and across Lufthansa’s digital advertising
ecosystem. You can also give it a try on Watson Advertising’s website.

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