Mohammed bin Salman: Reformer or tyrant?

The disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, though, is different. It crosses a red line.

Luring a prominent journalist who lives in America and writes for one of
the country's most prestigious newspapers to a brutal death is an
insult that cannot be ignored, US politicians say.

After years of unconditional support for the Saudis, they consider this unacceptable.

In the year since MBS came to power, observers have questioned how much
he is tyrant and how much reformer. How much Saddam Hussein and how much
Lee Kwan Yew, as one British commentator put it this week.

The answer is becoming clearer - as are doubts about this young ruler's judgement and ability to rule during a crisis.

Whatever the truth about what happened in the Istanbul consulate, the
Saudi leadership has seemed paralysed since and MBS may have done his
image as enlightened reformer terminal damage.

If he has proven himself an unreliable partner to the West, the lasting consequences for his country could be severe.

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