Netanyahu accepted alternative plan for Khan Al-Ahmar

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office has agreed to
relocate the Palestinian village of Khan Al-Ahmar hundred of metres from
its currently location in return for its recognition, a lawyer
representing the Palestinian Bedouins has said.

Arab48 reported Tawfiq Jabareen saying that Netanyahu’s office initiated
the negotiations and introduced a suggestion that included recognising
the village and giving licences to all of its buildings and facilities.

“Proposals introduced to Netanyahu’s office received initial approval,”
noting that these proposals were based on the alternatives introduced to
the Supreme Court in July. The court turned down the proposals and
decided that the village must be demolished.

The new proposals include a detailed plan for Al-Khan Al-Ahmar based on
the Jordanian law of planning and construction, as well as Israeli
recognition of the village after it is relocated.

During the negotiations, Jabareen said, several proposals were discussed
but this one, which had been rejected by the Israeli planning and
construction committee, was approved.

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