Netanyahu promotes Elkin at Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda Market

With less than a week until municipal elections, Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu is jumping onto the streets of Jerusalem to campaign for his
choice for mayor.

By Josh Axelrod

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hit the streets of Machane Yehuda
market to campaign for Jerusalem mayoral candidate Ze'ev Elkin.

The pair walked through Jerusalem's central market, and one of the
city's most recognizable landmarks, to garner support for Elkin's

However, supporters of rival candidate Moshe Leon blocked Elkin and
Netanyahu's path as they walked down the covered market's main path,
chanting "Elkin go home!" Channel 10 News reports.

Netanyahu formally endorsed Elkin on July 24, after months of refusing
to offer his support. Elkin ran anyway, under the party of current mayor
Nir Barkat's Jerusalem Will Succeed party for funding. Three months
later, he received Netanyahu's endorsement.

“As a Knesset member, a minister and especially as Jerusalem Affairs
Minister, Elkin has taken plenty of action to help our capital,”
Netanyahu said. “He has proven that the city is close to his heart and
precious to him. I wish him the best of luck.”

Elkin is currently the Jerusalem Affairs Minister. He will face off with
other candidates on October 30 in the municipal elections.

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