Photos: Ugandans celebrate iconic cable-stay bridge over River Nile

Ugandans are celebrating the commissioning of a new cable stay bridge
over the river Nile in the Eastern town of Jinja, described by president
Yoweri Museveni as ‘spectacular’, after he toured it by night.

The Source of the Nile Bridge, commissioned on Wednesday, is expected to
enhance economic and regional integration with neighbouring countries
like Kenya, provide safer travel and enhance tourism.

Described as an architectural and engineering marvel, the new bridge
constructed over four years, at a cost of Uganda Shillings 313 billion
($82m), has the following features;

72 harp-like white cables connecting the bridge deck to two 69-metre tall inverted-Y pylon towers

Lightning arrestors, which run from the deck to each tip of the inverted-Y pylon towers

There are 202 Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) bulbs at the base of the
cables, but with the meridian of the deck, that light up the 72 stay

The 525m-long bridge has a central span of 290m, end spans of 135m and 100m on the east and west banks respectively

It has a dual carriageway 7.0m wide with a pedestrian walk way of 2.25m wide on both ends

“We did best quality assurance and rigorous quality control and tested
the construction materials with state-of-the-art equipment, both within
and abroad in Singapore and Japan,’‘ said Eng Lawrence Pario, the
contractor manager of the bridge whose construction was financed by the
Japanese government.

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