Prince Harry goes solo on royal tour as pregnant Meghan rests

 FRASER ISLAND, Australia: Prince Harry greeted an Aboriginal community
on the stunning World Heritage-listed Fraser Island Monday as his
pregnant wife Meghan took a break from official duties during the royal
couple’s Australian tour.

The pair have already traveled to Sydney, Melbourne and the regional
town of Dubbo since touching down in Australia last Monday, drawing
thousands of screaming fans to their events.

The visit to Fraser Island off the coast of Queensland state took on a
different tone, as the Duke of Sussex was greeted with a traditional
Aboriginal ceremony from the local Butchulla people on the peaceful
shores of Lake McKenzie.

Harry later walked barefoot on the soft white sands of the lake, a
source of drinking water for the Butchulla people, and splashed water on
his face.

Fraser is the world’s largest sand island and the prince was due to
unveil a plaque to dedicate the holiday site’s acres of rainforests to
the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy project.

His visit will also touch on other environmental issues, a cause close
to his father Prince Charles’ heart, when he meets with park rangers to
learn more about the island’s plants and animals.

Later, he will meet with two Hervey Bay paramedics, who are being
recognized for granting a dying woman’s final wish by taking her to the

A photo of a paramedic beside a stretcher facing the ocean was posted on Facebook last year and went viral around the world.

The royal couple had earlier arrived in Queensland by plane before traveling to the island separately.

Harry boarded a barge, a route used by tourists to travel to the island,
while the Duchess of Sussex took a different vessel and then retreated
to a private residence.

Her choice of dress, a maroon number with white polka dots, sparked
excitement in Queensland, as the deep brownish-red happens to also been
the official color of the state.

The pair are due to visit Fiji and Tonga after Fraser Island.

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