Rights group documents Israel’s killing of paramedic in Gaza

   Israeli human rights group B’Tselem has published the findings of its
investigation into the killing by Israeli snipers of a Palestinian
paramedic on 10 August, as the NGO continues its documentation of the
repression of “Great March of Return” protests.

On Friday 10 August, demonstrations took place close to the perimeter
fence of the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip, as they have done since 30

In one protest east of Rafah, Israeli forces killed three local
residents with live ammunition: Ahmad Abu Luli, 30, who was shot in the
hip; ‘Abdallah Qutati, 22, a paramedic who was shot in the chest; and
‘Ali Al-‘Alul, 54, who was also shot in the chest.

According to eyewitnesses interviewed by B’Tselem, Qutati was working
with other paramedics close to the perimeter fence when he was struck.
As Qutati was evacuated, Israeli soldiers continued to shoot, so that
those carrying him “literally ran to the ambulance under a hail of

Raed Al-Sharif, 19, a paramedic who was standing next to Qutati when he was shot, said:

My colleagues and I come to the area close to the eastern border of
Gaza as volunteer paramedics. Why does the Israeli army harm us? We’re
there in white uniforms, with the Ministry of Health emblem and identity
tags. It’s clear that we aren’t endangering the army. All I have in my
hands is first aid equipment. We’re there to help the wounded and
nothing else.

Qutati was the third paramedic to be killed by Israeli occupation forces
during the demonstrations, after the fatal shootings of Musa Abu
Hasanein and Razan Al-Najjar.


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