Steam's Halloween, Autumn, and Winter Sales dates have leaked

Wallets at the ready

Something to look forward to: The dates for Steam's next three big sales
have leaked online. Details of the annual Halloween, Autumn, and Winter
events came from a developer source, who revealed that the first of
these would begin next Monday.

The news comes from Twitter user @SkrSkrGVNG, who presumably has access
to Valve’s developer forums where the dates of its sales are given to
devs early.

The Halloween sale begins on Monday, October 29, at 10am PT / 1pm ET /
5pm GMT. It only lasts four days, making it the shortest of all three
events. It ends on Thursday November 1.

Next is the Autumn sale, which coincides with Black Friday and Cyber
Monday. It lasts for one week, starting on Wednesday, November 21, at
9:55am PT / 12:55pm ET / 4:55pm GMT and ending on the following Tuesday,
November 27, at 10:05am PT / 1:05pm ET / 5:05pm GMT.

Lastly, there’s the Steam Winter Sale, probably the biggest event in the
platform’s calendar. It kicks off on Thursday, December 20, at 9:55am
PT / 12:55pm ET / 4:55pm GMT. It ends in the new year, on Thursday,
January 3, at 10:05am PT / 1:05pm ET / 5:05pm GMT.

SkrSkrGVNG writes that while devs aren't allowed to post these dates on
the Steam Community and their own sites, posting on Twitter isn’t
mentioned. However, some users question whether a personal Twitter page
might be included in the restrictions, adding that the leaker may be
violating Valve’s NDAs.

As always, it’ll be interesting to see which games receive deep
discounts during the sales. It's usually a good mix of old and new;
though perhaps not too new, otherwise we might see another Shadow of the
Tomb Raider-style review bombing incident.

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