Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia launches in the US

A weighty tome ready for your coffee table

just happened? Super Mario Bros. fans have been eyeballing this book
since its exclusive launch in Japan. Now more than three years later,
it's finally available in the US (and just in time for the holidays).
For a limited time, you can grab it on Amazon for well below MSRP.

Nintendo in 2015 released the
Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia, an extensive publication covering three
decades of Super Mario Bros. history. It launched exclusively in Japan
but has finally made its way to the US courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.

from today, the 256-page encyclopedia provides an exhaustive look at
nearly every game in the Mario universe from 1985 through 2015. The tome
includes tips and tricks as well as information on enemies, items,
characters, obstacles, levels and more. There’s even an interview with
producer Takashi Tezuka and explanations of in-game glitches.

Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia caries an MSRP of $39.99 although I was
able to find the standard hardcover edition on Amazon for only $25.46.
There’s also a limited edition that comes with an embossed slipcase that
looks like a Mario Question Mark Block and one of four randomly
selected covers – Super Mushroom, Super Star, Fire Flower or 1-Up
Mushroom – that’s covered in holofoil. It’s currently going for $70.70
on Amazon.

Dark Horse is also responsible for The
Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia that launched earlier this year. It’s
available for just $22.33, or $42.82 if you want the deluxe edition that
resembles the original gold NES cartridge.

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