Tech companies are spending more on lobbying in Washington

Most tech giants spent an increasingly large amount of cash this quarter
versus previous quarters lobbying U.S. officials on their various
interests. Amazon, Google, and Twitter all saw their lobbying
expenditures increase in the most recent quarter that just ended last
month, Bloomberg reports. Among the major tech and communication
companies that have reported their most recent lobbying expenses:

Amazon spent $3.63 million – a company record

Google spent $5.46 million – up 30% YOY

Facebook spent $2.82 million – down $300,000

Twitter spent $310,000 – up almost threefold

Microsoft spent $2.24 million

Oracle spent $1.44 million

IBM spent $900,000

AT&T spent $3.85 million

Comcast spent $3.43 million

Charter Communications spent $2.27 million

Verizon spent just over $2.33 million

Amazon’s increased spending on lobbying can be attributed in part to the
company trying to secure a $10 billion cloud-computing contract with
the Pentagon. Google, Facebook, and Twitter meanwhile had to deal with
increasing pressure from lawmakers about reining in election meddling on
their platforms.

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