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Apple CEO Tim Cook has called upon Bloomberg Businessweek to retract a
report that Chinese spies installed tiny microchips designed for
espionage on server motherboards sent to the company, BuzzFeed News

“There is no truth in their story about Apple,” Cook told BuzzFeed News. “They need to do the right thing and retract it.”

Bloomberg Businessweek insists that its story, which claimed that
hardware maker Supermicro hid chips on server motherboards designed to
enable malware to be installed on the computers, is true. Supermicro,
Apple, and Amazon, which also allegedly spotted the spy chips, have all
denied the claim.

One possibility is that the companies involved have been urged to keep
the spy chips under wraps by the U.S. government, but Apple has
strenuously insisted that’s not the case. It’s the first time that Apple
has called for a retraction of a story about the company, according to

“Apple has never found malicious chips in our servers,” the company said
in a statement published earlier this month. “Finally, in response to
questions we have received from other news organizations since
Businessweek published its story, we are not under any kind of gag order
or other confidentiality obligations.”

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