Two injuries a day after e-scooters sent out on streets

Fourteen injury claims were filed with ACC in the first week since a new electronic scooter service started this month.

Within seven days of Lime starting an e-scooter sharing service in
Auckland and Christchurch on 15 October, ACC said it received 14 injury
claims from riders.

ACC spokesperson Lisa Rautenbach said two injury-related claims were lodged the day after the service started.

Nine e-scooter related injury claims have been lodged in Auckland and five in Christchurch.

ACC will know by the end of this week what injuries occurred.

The e-scooters can travel up to 27 kilometres and hour, and riders do not have to wear helmets.

In Auckland, Lime is operating the e-scooter sharing service for a three month trial.

Auckland Council will then decide whether to extend the licence.

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