Two tropical storms to make landfall in Mexico on Tuesday

It might reflect a systemic problem.

The NYPD's plan to outfit every officer with body cameras has run into
trouble. The department has pulled about 2,990 Vievu LE-5 cameras across
the city after one officer's camera caught fire near a Staten Island
precinct. There's a "possible product defect" with the LE-5, the NYPD
said in a statement, and it was removing existing models out of an
"abundance of caution." Most of the force's 15,500 cameras (including
LE-4 models) aren't affected.

Axon (Vievu's parent company) told Engadget that it was partnering with
the NYPD to address the situation. "We are working closely with the NYPD
to investigate this issue," a spokesperson said. "The officer was not
injured, however officer safety is of the utmost importance to Axon. We
will do whatever is necessary to quickly and safely resolve this

It's not certain whether or not there's a systemic problem with the
cameras. While the NYPD suggests it might be, this could also be a
one-off instance of battery damage -- a distinct possibility with any
lithium-ion power pack. Either way, it's not what NYC's law enforcement
wanted. The department intended to finish its body cam deployment by
2019, but it might have to push back that goal if it ends up replacing
thousands of those units.

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