Watch the 'Forza' esports championship starting at 1PM Eastern

You might win in-game gear just by tuning in.

If you enjoy watching top-tier virtual motorsports, you're about to get
your fill. Microsoft and Turn 10 are streaming the season-ending Forza
Racing World Championship this weekend, starting with an initial pack of
24 racers on October 20th at 1PM Eastern and whittling down to the top
12 on October 21st (also at 1PM Eastern). And you might want to tune in
even if you're only mildly interested in upper echelon play -- the
companies are promising some giveaways for Forza Motorsport 7 fans.

Just watching the stream on Mixer while signed in will offer quests and
unlock certain in-game FM7 gear, including the ForzaRWC driver suit and
matching car livery, the five liveries from the Driving the Design
artist series and (what else?) a Unicorn livery. If you'd rather watch
on Twitch instead of Microsoft's Mixer, there's a special extension that
can provide game rewards.

Microsoft and Turn 10 started the Forza series in 2016 when digital
motorsports were starting to take off, but the 2018 season is coming to a
close in a fundamentally different landscape. Now, it's not unheard of
to see pro F1 drivers and car manufacturers with official esports teams.
They see this as a big opportunity to promote both themselves and
motorsports in general, and high-profile events like this might just
reinforce their opinion.

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