Prosecutors say the mother who murdered her children and her husband's ex-wife used money, power, and sex to get what she wanted.

Prosecutors say the mother accused of murdering two of her children and her husband's ex-wife "used money, power, and sex to get what she wanted."

Lori Vallow Daybell, 49, and Chad Daybell, 54, have been charged with the murders of their two youngest children, Joshua 'JJ' Vallow, seven, and Tylee Ryan, sixteen, as well as his ex-wife, Tammy Daybell.

The couple married in November 2019, according to the Sun UK, months after her fourth husband Charles Vallow was shot dead by her brother and just two weeks after Tammy Daybell died under suspicious circumstances.

Mum who killed kids and husband


As at then, the two children were already missing and the search would end with the horrifying discovery of their bodies buried in Chad Daybell’s backyard in Idaho, USA.


Mum who killed kids and husband

He was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a self-published author who wrote 'end of time' fiction loosely based on church teachings.

Prosecutors say he met Vallow Daybell at a conference in Utah in 2018.

The two fell in love and claimed they had been married to each other in a past life, according to police records.

Friends of the couple told investigators the pair shared the same unusual beliefs about people and Christianity.

Defence attorney Jim Archibald said Vallow Daybell was a ‘kind and loving mother to her children’ who happened to have an interest in religion and Biblical prophesies involving the end of the world.


He told jurors her religious beliefs only started to change after she met Chad Daybell.


Fremont County Prosecutor Lindsey Blake said the couple claimed they could differentiate between those who were ‘light’ and those who were ‘dark’  having been taken over by evil spirits.

They eventually began teaching friends that once those evil spirits were strong enough, the person became a ‘zombie’, and the only way to free that person’s soul was by killing the body.

Ms Blake said friends of Vallow Daybell would testify that she said the children and Tammy Daybell were ‘dark’ before their deaths.

At least one friend told police that she called both children ‘zombies’ before they disappeared, according to police records.

‘The common theme was the body has to be destroyed,’ Ms Blake said.

‘The defendant and Chad used their self-proclaimed religious teachings to justify their actions to others — their actions from affair to murder.’

Prosecutors say the couple planned to use life insurance money from Tammy Daybell’s death, and that Vallow Daybell kept spending the children’s social security and survivor benefits after they were reported missing .


‘The defendant used money, power and sex to get what she wanted,’ Ms Blake told jurors during the first day of arguments. ‘It didn’t matter what it was.’

Vallow Daybell never reported her two youngest children missing, prosecutors said. Instead, Rexburg police said both she and Chad Daybell lied to investigators about the kids’ whereabouts.

The search lasted months before it came to a tragic conclusion in June 2020.

Tylee’s body had been burned, Ms Blake said, leaving behind only ‘a mass of bone and tissue’ and some DNA on a pickaxe and shovel.

Duct tape had been wrapped around JJ’s hands and head; his body wrapped in trash bags.

Tammy Daybell had died months earlier from what was initially reported as natural causes, purportedly dying her sleep in after coming down with an illness.

Both defendants have pleaded not guilty but are being tried separately. Chad Daybell’s trial is still months away. Vallow Daybell faces up to life in prison if convicted.

The trial continues

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