After losing his school fees through gambling, a student commits suicide, and his father rejects the corpse.

Samuel Adegoke, a student at the Federal Polytechnic in Ilaro, Ogun State, committed suicide after losing his school fee and that of a classmate to gambling, leaving his father no choice but to reject his corpse.

Adegoke was said to have consumed a substance after losing money in an online gambling game.

The ND2 student of Electrical Electronic Engineering, ChinyKo learnt, committed the act on Monday, at a time he should be getting set for the first semester examination.

After losing his money in the online betting on Friday, Adegoke allegedly stole his roommate’s money by getting his password, but he also lost.

Having been unable to register for the exam, the student reportedly “drank Sniper a few minutes before the exam which started on Monday.”

ChinyKo learnt that friends rushed the deceased to the school clinic, from where he was referred to another hospital in Ilaro, where he was later pronounced dead.

The FPI Deputy Registrar, Sola Abiala, confirmed the incident, saying the polytechnic had quickly referred the student to a Hossanah Specialist Hospital, but he died shortly after he was admitted.

He said Adegoke’s father told the management that his son also lost his fee to gambling last session but he (his father) saved the situation by making another payment.

Meanwhile, Abiala disclosed that the father of the deceased student refused to go home with the corpse.

Though, the father said he would have paid the current fee if he had known that his son diverted it into gambling, he did not take the corpse home.

“When we asked the father to take possession of the corpse, he rejected it, saying he could not take his son’s body home. He asked us to bury him,” Abiala stated.

He explained that the school paid part of the burial expenses and paid the fee for the other student whose fee was used for gambling, so as to avoid another calamity.

“We don’t want him to also commit suicide,” he added.

Though the student did not leave any suicide note, Abiala said “the bottle of the Sniper he drank” was found in his room.

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