After one year of marriage, a man butchers his wife to death after she requests a divorce.

A 25-year-old woman named Eunice was allegedly murdered by her husband in Nungua, Ghana's Greater Accra Region, after she requested a divorce.


According to local media, her husband macheted her during a scuffle, and she died on the spot. The suspect was also accused of assaulting his father-in-law.

 Man butchers wife to death after she asked for a divorce following one year of marriage

It was gathered that Eunice had moved out of the house due to the emotional and physical abuse by her husband. Her father, Ebenezer Dwomoh, who confirmed her death during an interview on Adom FM’s morning show, said they are still in shock.


Dwomoh said Eunice went to her husband’s house to present a summon letter from Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit when the incident occurred.


Mr Dwomoh described his son in-law as serial wife beater which forced his daughter to move out of the house. He said; 


“Eunice moved out of the house because she could no longer take the beatings so this man decided to make life all living hell for her. He will even come to our house and beat her. He follows my daughter everywhere she goes and beat her until he finally killed her that faithful day.”


After committing the heinous crime, he said the suspect tried to escape but residents in the area managed to apprehend him and subjected him to severe beating.


Dwomoh said but for the timely interventions of the police, the suspect would have been lynched. He appealed to the Ghana Police Service to ensure the suspect faces the full rigours of the law.


The deceased's father added; 


“We will follow this issue until this guy is jailed. We want justice for Eunice.”

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