BEDC employees electrocuted in Edo

A man who has yet to be identified as a BEDC employee was electrocuted while repairing an electric pole near the University of Benin's Ekehuan campus.


On Thursday, May 11, 2023, the incident occurred while the deceased was on duty.


In an online video, a man wearing safety clothing with the inscription BEDC was seen dangling from an electric pole.

 BEDC staff electrocuted in Edo

Eyewitnesses told the PUNCH that the man was held up on the pole and before they could turn off the transformer, he was electrocuted.


“The man was trying to fix one of the wires that was falling when he was electrocuted,”  a witness said. 


"I don’t think the light was not turned off from the central switch before he embarked on carrying out the repair. He was already close to the high-tension wire when power was restored and he got electrocuted.


“He was there for about 20 minutes before people started noticing what was happening to him. But I guess it was too late.” 


When contacted, the Public Relations Officer of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company, Evelyn Gbiwen said she got a hint of the incident but doesn't have details yet. 


BEDC staff electrocuted in Edo
BEDC staff electrocuted in Edo
BEDC staff electrocuted in Edo



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