How to help your kids speak Igbo in diaspora(video)

If you want to help your kids speak Igbo in the diaspora, here are some strategies you can consider:

  1. Speak Igbo at home: Consistently use Igbo as the primary language of communication within your household. This will expose your children to the language on a daily basis and help them become familiar with its sounds, vocabulary, and grammar.
  2. Engage in conversations: Encourage regular conversations in Igbo with your children. This can include everyday activities such as mealtime discussions, storytelling, or discussing their day. Actively participate and engage them in conversations to improve their speaking skills.
  3. Provide language resources: Make use of various resources such as books, audio recordings, and videos in Igbo. Choose age-appropriate materials that can help your children learn new words, phrases, and concepts in a fun and interactive way.
  4. Cultural events and gatherings: Attend Igbo cultural events, gatherings, or celebrations within your community. These events provide an immersive environment where your children can interact with native Igbo speakers, learn more about the culture, and practice their language skills.
  5. Language classes or tutors: Consider enrolling your children in Igbo language classes or hiring a tutor who can teach them the language. Formal instruction can supplement your efforts at home and provide a structured learning environment.
  6. Play language games: Incorporate language learning into playtime by engaging in language games and activities. For example, you can play word association games, memory games with Igbo vocabulary, or even create your own quizzes and challenges.
  7. Virtual language exchanges: Connect with Igbo-speaking communities or families through online platforms or social media. Arrange virtual language exchange sessions where your children can interact with other Igbo speakers, practice their speaking skills, and make new connections.
  8. Visit Nigeria or Igbo-speaking regions: If possible, plan trips to Nigeria or areas with a significant Igbo-speaking population. Immersion in the language and culture can greatly enhance your children's language skills and understanding of Igbo.

Remember to be patient and supportive throughout the process. Learning a language takes time and effort, so create a positive and encouraging environment that motivates your children to continue their language journey.

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