Imran Kahn, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, has been granted protective bail by the High Court of Pakistan.


Pakistan's high court Friday granted two-week protective bail to former prime minister Imran Kahn, who is accused of corruption. Photo by Arshad Arbab/EPA-EFE

The Islamabad High Court has granted former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Kahn two weeks' bail, preventing the government from arresting him again. But he is still afraid of being arrested again.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled on Thursday that his arrest on high court grounds while facing corruption charges was illegal. The arrest had sparked violent protests.

In an appearance before the Supreme Court on Friday, Kahn expressed concern that he would be arrested again. He also warned that if he is arrested again, there will be more violent protests.

"I am 100% concerned that I will be arrested again," Kahn said to local reporters Friday.

Khan told reporters during a court break Friday, "I don't want such a situation to arise again as this is my country and my army."

He added, "Where did the police and the law go? It looks like martial law has been declared here."

Kahn, the head of Pakistan's PTI political party, is still facing corruption charges. He also was charged under Pakistan's antiterrorism act for allegedly threatening officials over the arrest of his chief of staff.

The PTI maintains the charges against Kahn are politically motivated.

He is charged with illegal acquisition of land to build a university and for selling gifts sent to him by foreign leaders while he was prime minister.

Kahn told the BBC that he and his party want peaceful protests and for the protesters to "act within the constitution."

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