Why are we opposed to the privatisation of health-care facilities? TCN and TUC

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has reiterated its opposition to the planned privatisation of Federal Medical Centres in the country, claiming that previous attempts were futile.

TUC President, Comrade Festus Osifo, also objected to the privatisation of the Transmission Company of Nigeria, among other national assets, claiming that despite previous privatisations, the sector was still performing sub-optimally.

Osifo raised these concerns at the National Executive Council meeting of TUC, ahead of the May Day festivities billed to commence in Abuja in a few hours.

Osifo said: “We wish to reiterate as a follow-up to our last NEC meeting, that it is a no-no to the privatisation of the Federal Medical Centers. For us, it is not something that we will tolerate. Because most of the privatisation that has taken place in our dear country has been an exercise where friends of those in government were rewarded. So for us, we say no to such privatisation.

“In a similar breath, we also say no to the privatisation of the Transmission Company of Nigeria. Because if you have privatised the Generation Company (GENCOS), you privatised the Distribution Companies (DISCOS) and today they are performing at sub-optimal levels, what is the rationale to tell the Nigerian people that you are going ahead to also privatise the Transmission Company of Nigeria? So it’s a no for us.”

ChinyKo recalls that the Federal Government, under the Olusegun Obasanjo administration, had initiated a full-scale privatisation of the power sector, attributing it to efforts to boost the sector for optimal performance.

Many years down the line, stakeholders have identified more challenges still plaguing the sector.

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