Dog lover president dare OkonLagos, DaddyFreeze and others to post the process of making dog delicacies on their page (video)

Jackie, President of the Dog Lovers Group in Lagos, has challenged Nigerian celebrities like OkonLagos, DaddyFreeze, and others who travel abroad and have come out to show their support for dog meat delicacies in Nigeria to film and post a video of the process of making dog meat on their social media pages.


Jackie issued the challenge after being chastised earlier today for criticising chef Hilda Baci and Enioluwa for posting a video in which they discussed dog meat. Hilda and Eni were recently in Akwa Ibom, her home state, and Hilda introduced Enioluwa to a local delicacy, dog meat. ''404" is a dog meat delicacy in that part of the country.

 I dare you to post the process of making the dog meat delicacies on your page - Dog lover president replies OkonLagos, DaddyFreeze and others who see eating dog as normal (video)

Jackie who is a dog-lover posted a video online where she expressed her disgust at Hilda for sharing such a video. She pointed out that Hilda should not be promoting such, particularly not at a time when the whole world is waiting for her attempt to break the Guinness World Record to be ratified.


Actor, OkonLagos who is from Akwa Ibom, slammed Jackie and described her action as ‘’day-light witchcraft.'' Media personality, DaddyFreeze also shared a post in which he supported those who eat dog meat.


In a new video shared on her page this afternoon, Jackie said her initial video was not in anyway an attack on Hilda or her state's culture of eating dog meat. She dared the celebrities who are in support of dog meat delicacies to share a video showing how the meat is prepared. 


You have the torchlight of the world on you. There are so many other positive ways you could have showcased Akwa Ibom and its delicacies. Dog eating is something that is being frowned upon internationally. It is not a me thing. It is a world-wide thing. So bringing that to the knowledge of the world that is celebrating Nigeria through your win is wrong PR. It was not the perfet time. Dog eating is not something that should be promoted neither should it be celebrated. That is the message I am trying to pass''

Addressing those who ask her if she doesn't eat other animals like cow or chickens, she said;

‘’These are livestocks. Dogs are companion animals. Do you know how much dogs have evolved over the years? They have evolved so much so that they are like humans right now. Dogs actually have jobs, they save lives on a daily basis. A Dog is not food''


Responding to those who say what they eat are wild dogs and not the pet dogs, she responded;

‘’So your mentality is that the dogs being brought from abroad, the German Shephard and others deserve to live but the ones that are Nigerian  bred don't deserve love? They don't deserve to have homes? They don't deserve to be loved? They only deserve to end up in the pot of soup? Is that what you are saying?''

Responding to the celebrities dragging her, she said;

‘’Since it is your culture and since there is nothing wrong with dog meat eaten, I dare you, show us the process of making your delicacy. Show us the process of getting the meat, processing the meat, chopping the meat, spicing it up and preparing it in your platform. Post it on your page since it is your culture and nothing wrong with it. I am talking to the celebrities that travel abroad, the one from big brother, Daddy Freeze that say it is culture and Okon. Please that your delicacy, show us how you people make it. I dare you. Post it on your page''.  

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