In a wild rampage inside a New York City park, a woman attacks strangers and lunges at a mother and her baby(video)

According to wild video and police, a crazed woman wreaked havoc inside a Manhattan park and neighbouring businesses on Sunday, attacking strangers, smashing glasses, and even lunging at a mother and baby.

The woman's rampage, in which she appeared to harass and attack parkgoers indiscriminately, began around 4 p.m. in Tompkins Square Park, according to police.

According to the video, she yanked the hair of a woman sitting on a lawn and dragged her by the hair several inches.

She then reportedly lunged towards a mother holding a baby in her arms, causing a crowd of people watching to gasp and yell.

The shouts apparently stopped the woman from doing anything to the pair and she left the grassy area in search of her next victim, the footage shows.

The woman next smashed a drink onto the pavement and stole a man’s newspaper, ripping it to shreds before getting in a woman’s face as captured on video.

Woman in red shorts grabs onto the hair of a woman who is sitting on a park lawn.
The woman pulled a random woman’s hair and dragged her across the park lawn.
Ed Quinn /
Two police officers grab the arms of a cuffed woman in a sweatshirt, red shorts and red durag.
The woman was cuffed after police received several 911 calls about her erratic and violent outburst.
Ed Quinn /

Her tirade continued on neighboring streets where she allegedly flipped over a restaurant’s sidewalk table that was occupied by diners, tossed chairs and smashed glassware, according to footage taken at the scene.

The video then shows two officers placing the woman in handcuffs as a bystander walks up and tells the cops: “she needs to not be let out — no more.”

“You don’t go around beating up strange people in the street — like seven people — pulling their hair, dragging them everywhere,” he said.

“Nobody died b—h, nobody,” the erratic woman shouted back at him, according to the video.

Woman holds a baby on a grassy area in the park with her back to the camera.
The woman reportedly lunged at a woman holding a baby.
Ed Quinn /
Woman in red shorts throws a blue trash bag over a fence into an area with plants in the park.
The woman also scattered trash, smashed glass bottles and cups and flipped over tables, according to police and the video.
Ed Quinn /
Police officers walk a woman wearing handcuffs into the back of an ambulance.
The woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital for a medical examination.

She later spit in the direction of a person walking by as the officers guided her into an ambulance, according to the video.

One of the officers told her to “cut it out” and another put a surgical mask over her nose and mouth.

The video pans over to New Yorkers calmly eating at outdoor dining tables like it’s another day in the city.

The wild woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital for a medical evaluation after several people called 911, police said.

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