Why I admire our cleaner who stole from my father - Kiddwaya

Kiddwaya, a former Big Brother Naija reality star, has said that he is fascinated by a domestic staff member who stole millions of Naira from his rich father, Terry Waya.

He claimed that the cleaner, who was from his native state of Benue, took millions of Naira from their Abuja home and used the money to build his own house in Benue.

Kiddwaya was impressed with how the cleaner spent the stolen monies.

During a recent Instagram live session with fans, the reality star mentioned this.

Kiddwaya said, “I have got this cleaner in my house in Nigeria; Abuja. He is from Benue State because I like to hire people from my home state. So, as my dad was travelling. Obviously, we keep cash in our house. He [my dad] realised some dollars were missing. Only for us to find out that it was this guy from my own state that has been stealing for about a year little by little.

“The guy stole enough money to build a house in his state. Now, two things, I’m slightly impressed that he actually invested the money into something that is going to benefit him and his family. For that reason I’m not upset.”

He, however, said that he is upset that the person who has been stealing from them was a fellow Tiv from Benue State.

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