An outbreak of dengue fever kills 26 people in Sudan, according to officials.

Sudanese health officials announced on Wednesday that at least 26 people had died from Dengue fever in one of the country’s deadliest outbreaks in recent years.

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease that spreads in tropical places around the world, typically around stagnant bodies of water.

The Sudanese Health Ministry announced on social media on Monday, November 21, that 460 cases of the disease had been recorded, with a further 3,436 suspected cases.

Around 20 of the deaths were recorded in the southern Kordofan region, one of the areas where the outbreak was first reported by the Sudanese Doctors Committee in early November. Several local media outlets put the official number of cases as much higher.

Dengue fever has flu-like symptoms and can often lead to organ failure and death. In 2019, an outbreak in Sudan was responsible for five deaths according to the World Health Organization.

At the height of Sudan’s rainy season in August and September, flash flooding killed at least 144 people and destroyed tens of thousands of homes, along with roads and other vital infrastructure.

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