Angola has won the women’s handball tournament at the Africa Cup of Nations in Senegal.

Angola has won four games in a row. The Palancas Negras women’s handball team has won the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations.

They defeated Cameroon in the final, like they did in 2021, on Saturday, November 19, at Dakar Arena in Senegal.

Their 29-19 victory cements their unrivalled continental domination.

They are, however, dissatisfied. “It’s the result of a lot of hard work,” team coach Catito Nelson said. Angola has surpassed the other African teams.

“We must continue to work hard to improve our handball and keep this dominance so that this group of athletes continues to play at the highest level and win titles for Angola.”

On the Cameroonian side, the disappointment remains great as at home in 2021.

However, the Angolans are still far from weakening. Their thirst for titles reinforces their status as undisputed masters of African handball. It is a thirst for titles that got the better of the Cameroonians’ desire for revenge.

The Indomitable Lionesses can only note the huge gap that separates Angola from the other nations of the continent.

“Faced with a team like Angola with so many qualities: physical qualities, technical qualities, mental qualities and a great tactical sense, it does not forgive,” suggests Cameroon coach Serge Guebogo.

“The message is simply that we have to go back to our roots and work to close the gap between Angola and the other nations.”

It will therefore have to go back and work hard to dethrone the Angolan giant. Nothing could prevent Palancas Negras from lifting their 15th continental crown this year, the fourth in a row.

The Angolans, who, as in Yaoundé a little more than a year ago, were able to resist in the most complicated moments of this 25th edition of the women’s handball ACN.

Earlier  Congo beat the host country Senegal to finish on the podium and return with the bronze medal. The next tournament of the ACN Women’s Handball will be held in Cape Verde.

Additional sources • Philip Andrew Churm

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