Campaigners seek justice for a Kenyan girl who was brutally attacked in Albania.

Citizens and civil society groups protested outside the Police Directorate in Tirana, Albania, protesting the rape of a Kenyan girl.

Joy Aoko, 22, was discovered unconscious under the building where she lived in Tirana on August 13, and campaigners are now demanding justice and accusing police of failing to do enough.

“Does justice only work for bad people?” activist Xheni Karaj asked the crowd. Covering up this crime sets a bad precedent for the vulnerable across the country.


“We demand a stronger investigation and demand that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

We demand that the institutions pay the bills for her treatment abroad.”

Lawyer Idajet Beqiri was part of the protest and said he was outraged at the concealment of the incident by the police adding that hiding the case was a crime in itself.

“I consider it a great shame for Albanian institutions,” he said. “This incident happened on August 14 and the police did not notify the citizens.

“The state police hid the crime. Is this all about racism or are there other reasons?  Covering up a crime is a crime in itself.”

Joy’s mother, Ruth Aoka, was not part of the protest but in an interview for Euronews Albania, she said the girl was being chased by a casino driver for a long time and that she felt threatened and unsafe.

“She told me that a driver was following her and that he wanted to have a romantic relationship with her, but she didn’t want him,” she explained.

“She told me that she was been threatened. I met the driver and started a normal conversation with him and asked him why he doesn’t take no for an answer from my daughter”

The 22-year-old has been in hospital for three months in a serious condition.

The prosecutor’s office has started investigations into the incident but there is still no answer as to what really happened to Joy.

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