Chicago woman sues city, officers for unlawful search of her home, leaving granddaughter traumatized

CHICAGO (WLS) — A Chicago grandmother is suing the Chicago Police Department four months after a police raid yielded nothing illegal in her home and, she says, traumatized her 5-year-old granddaughter. She said the girl still hides when someone knocks on the door.

“It still hurts me,” Sharon Lyons said. “They wouldn’t let me get my granddaughter.”

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In February, CPD confirmed officers conducted a search of her Back of the Yards home that yielded nothing illegal. Lyons’ home was damage and required repairs. She lived there with her son, who has autism, and her then-4-year-old granddaughter. Both were home at the time of the raid.

Lyons filed suit against the City of Chicago and the officers involved, alleging they executed an unlawful search using excessive force, needlessly traumatizing both a young child and her grandmother.

Lyons’ attorney and Father Michael Pfleger said the case is an example of a larger problem of mistreatment, particularly of minors, in predominantly black and brown neighborhoods.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability is also investigating the search. Chicago police won’t comment on the case, but since then the department has made changes to its policy regarding search warrants and minors.

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