Controversial Hushpuppi, a Nigerian socialite, was sentenced to 11 years in prison by a US court.

Ramon Abbas, AKA Hushpuppi, a popular Instagram celebrity, was sentenced to 11 years in prison by the United States Central District Court in California for fraud and money laundering.

Remember that Hushpuppi was arrested in June 2020 in Dubai for running a massive fraud scheme that defrauded victims in the United States, Qatar, the United Kingdom, and other countries.


He was then extracted to the United States where he was charged with fraud and money laundering, multiple counts of hacking, impersonation, scamming, banking fraud, and identity theft.

He, however, pleaded guilty to the charges of conspiracy to engage in money laundering.

Following the sentence on Friday (November 4), Hushpuppi will now spend only nine years in prison as he had already spent two years incarcerated in the US.

Hushpuppi had appealed to Judge Otis Wright narrating his source of wealth, criminal adventure, and regrets.

He commended the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for doing a thorough job in bringing him to justice and apologized to his family.

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