Coup Claims: Sikhala fires back at ‘coward’ Kazembe

MDC Alliance top politician, Job Sikhala has fired back at government which has accused the firebrand legislator of peddling ‘false’ military coup rumours.

Addressing the press in Harare Wednesday, Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe mentioned Sikhala and ex-Zanu PF minister Saviour Kasukuwere among those claiming President Emmerson Mnangagwa faced imminent military overthrow.

Kazembe was accompanied by Defence Forces commander Philip Valerio Sibanda and a handful high profile officials who constitute the Joint Operations Council (JOC).

However, a defiant Sikhala said in press statement Thursday the accusations were both unfounded and calculated to tarnish him.

“The target politicking of Kazembe Kazembe won’t work in the 21st century to tarnish political contenders and besmirch their reputation in the eyes of the people,” said the veteran politician.

“All power is grounded in the people and I am on the side of the people and they will stand with me throughout these threats.

“Let it be reassured. I will never walk this journey alone. I will be with the people behind me.”

The Zengeza West legislator said he has escaped assassination attempts on his life and that he is often trailed by strange characters during his movements.

“I have told the people of Zimbabwe several times that my life is under threat and in danger. Some did not take it seriously and others thought it was political grandstanding.

“I ended up informing my employer, the Law Society of Zimbabwe about the security threats and dangers around my life.

“Many a times, I have escaped assassination attempts on my life through road accidents, maltreatment and torture.

“I am being trailed on a daily basis by unknown individuals,” he said.

Following recent corruption reports in which Mnangagwa sons were allegedly implicated in the Drax International USD$60 million Covid-19 tender scandal, among other reports of corruption, Sikhala said Kazembe was being a coward through intimidating people to be silent while state resources were being looted by cartels.

“We all need a share of the national cake and happiness.

“It is cowardice to try and silence everyone into submission when our country is being looted dry right in our eyes.

“The resources in our country belong to every Zimbabweans.

“They are not there for the loot of the few. I represent that voice of a starving soul throughout Zimbabwe. Our people are suffering.

“They need happiness in their lifetime and it is that voice and reason why I speak on their behalf. I speak on behalf of the poverty-stricken youth.

“In light of these threats, by this response, I have informed domestic, regional and international authorities about the danger of the threat to my life by the Zanu PF regime through Kazembe Kazembe.”

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