Don’t misinterpret signed solar power deal,urges Nkhuwa

Sharon Kunda-Energy Minister MATTHEW NKHUWA says the recent 6 hundred mega-watts deal of solar -PV signed between ZESCO Limited and Power China should NOT be misinterpreted or cause uncertainty among private players in the electricity supply industry.

Mr. NKHUWA says Zambia remains open to private projects in line with the Government’s open-door policy and commitment towards the promotion of private sector participation in the development of a diversified and secure power sector in Zambia.

He says studies undertaken so far indicate that the current grid infrastructure can absorb more than 1 thousand megawatts of power from intermittent energy sources by the year 2025.

Mr. NKHUWA says the ministry of energy together with all concerned private players and cooperating partners will continue to support the implementation of various initiatives in the power sector that promote the participation of the private sector.

He says this will ensure the smooth implementation of on-going programs such as the Global Energy Transfer Feed-in Tariff program and the Intermediary Power Off-taker Concept as approved by Cabinet.

Mr. NKHUWA says the ministry of energy will continue to embrace other new and innovative approaches aimed at developing the power sector.

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