Excessive gaming is known to damage one’s joystick.


Excessive gaming is known to damage one’s joystick.

A California sex addict issuing the video streaming platform Twitch for $25 million after claiming that the site’s overabundance of “scantily clad gamers” have caused him to injure his penis, according to the lawsuit.

In the legal document filed at a Santa Clara County court on June 15, San Francisco’s Erik Estavillo claimed that the Amazon subsidiary had “subjected him to overly suggestive and sexual content from various female streamers.”

To cure the “Twitch” in his pants, the self-proclaimed sex addict reportedly resorted to using a Fleshlight to masturbate while watching the salacious gamers, which resulted in him “chaffing” his penis every day.

The plaintiff’s randy pastime was “extremely painful” and caused him redness and mild infections that forced him to use “Neosporin on his tip to prevent necrosis,” per the 56-page document.

Estavillo alleges in the transcript he even once ejaculated on his PC monitor, which caused his gaming system to short-circuit and resulted in a fire that temporarily caused his apartment to blackout.

In response to The Post’s request for comment on the allegations, a Twitch spokesperson simply stated, “These claims are frivolous and have absolutely no merit.”

Despite the ri-dick-ulous allegations, Estavillo claims he can’t just find another hobby. According to the document, the plaintiff’s various ailments — which include depression, agoraphobia, Crohn’s disease and OCD, along with sex addiction — have relegated him to surfing the internet in his apartment all day.

Twitch exacerbated Estavillo’s sex addiction because its “twisted programming and net code” made it “nearly impossible for the plaintiff to use Twitch without being exposed to such sexual suggestive content.

Twitch is an app for streaming activities such as gaming.Alamy Stock Photo

And he apparently couldn’t block out the streamers’ siren song as there was “no way for the plaintiff to filter streams he’d like to watch based on gender, male or female,” per the lawsuit. Therefore, the plaintiff was forced to “choose a game and/or category to watch, with thumbnails showing these scantily clad women, alongside men, of being the only streaming channels available to him.”

Estavillo is reportedly following 786 female gamers, and zero male ones, many of whom he names in the lawsuit, per the doc.

As reparations, Estavillo wants a permanent ban on all listed streamers, and the $25 million in punitive damage, which he says he’ll split with other Twitch Turbo subscribers. Any leftover proceeds will be “donated to both COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter charities and funds of the Court’s choosing,” per the doc.

  • In the past, Estavillo has unsuccessfully filed lawsuits against Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Blizzard Entertainment reports the Sun. Although in the realm of ludicrous lawsuits, his still pales in comparison to the Missouri man who sued Apple for a cool $1 trillion over an iPhone mishap.

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