Floyd Mayweather’s coach: Conor McGregor tried to POACH me for ‘MayMac’ superfight with $1.5 MILLION offer


One of Floyd Mayweather’s trainers has sensationally revealed that Conor McGregor made him a huge financial offer to switch camps and prepare him to face the boxing legend in their 2017 superfight.

Speaking to The Rocky Road podcast, Mayweather’s longtime trainer Nate Jones revealed that the UFC superstar had approached him and offered him a massive sum of money to turn his back on Mayweather and train him for the fight instead.

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“Floyd don’t know this, but I got a call from Conor McGregor’s people to work his corner for that fight – and I hung up on them,” he revealed.

“They offered me $1.5 million, but I hung up on them. I got a call from Montell Griffin and he said, ‘People want to holler at you Nate. They’re McGregor’s people.’

“They called and I’m like, ‘What’s up?’ They was like, ‘Man, he interested in you being in the corner. We’ll pay you $1.5 million. Whatever you want, mention what you want.’ And I hung up.”

Jones and Mayweather were teammates at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, where both men picked up bronze medals for Team USA before turning pro. He later became part of Mayweather’s training team after he retired from competition in 2002.

On fight night against McGregor in 2017, Jones was part of Mayweather’s team as the undefeated boxing great defeated McGregor via 10th-round TKO stoppage after the UFC star started strongly, then faded noticeably during the later rounds.

Jones also gave some insight into McGregor’s backstage demeanor on fight night as he recounted the situation with the Irishman when he entered his dressing room prior to the matchup.

“When McGregor wrapped his hands, we sent a representative, which was me,” he explained.

“And I’ve never seen someone so nervous in my life. That’s the part of the fight that shocked me the most because going into the fight, McGregor was talking a lot of smack.

“In the locker room getting ready to fight, he was very shook. He went to the washing room six times. Six times! I was like, ‘What is wrong with this dude?’ He was very shook for that fight.

“Going into the fight, I was worried about him not being a boxer, I was worried about the unknown. And he brung to the table his size. I was worried about that, but we handled him well, we chopped him down and stopped him.”

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