Good Chiefs Agree With Bill 10

President Edgar Lungu says it is good that almost all traditional leaders agree that the Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019 will help to resolve the succession wrangles in chiefdoms.

President Lungu says the current situation makes it hard for Chiefdoms to avoid succession wrangles.

He says with the proposal in bill ten there is hope that the succession wrangles will be addressed.

President Lungu says as things stand anyone can stand and claim to be a Chief without fear of any authority.

President Lungu said this when he met traditional leaders in Senga Hill District.

The President further asked traditional leaders to work with government in taking development to their people.

President Lungu said it is sad that some Chiefs want facilities such as hospitals and schools to be built closer to their palaces and not in central places where everyone can access them.

And, speaking at the same meeting, Chief Mphande of the Mambwe people urged government to ensure that the Constitution Amendment Bill number ten of 2019 is enacted into law.

Dr. Mphande, who is a Former lecturer at UNZA, said the current constitution has contributed to wrangles in Chiefdom.

He said government need to get involved in the recognition of Chiefs like it was in the past.

The Chief also urged government to work on the roads in the area.

He said his people watch what is happening in the country and are greatful for the massive infrastructure development that is going on.

And, speaking on behalf of village headmen George Mandona urged Members of Parliament to support Bill ten.

He said those opposed to Bill ten are not aware of the problems which the current constitution has created in villages.

Headman Mandona said people in most Mambwe and Lungu Chiefdoms do not know which Chief to follow as a result of the wrangles.

Mr. Mandona said this during a meeting where President Lungu met village headmen.

During this meeting, President Lungu urged PF structures to work with traditional leaders.

He said Chiefs and village headmen should be respected.

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