In 2028, the luxury hotel brand Dorchester will open in Japan’s tallest building.

Dorchester Collection, a British ultra-luxury hotel chain, plans to open in what will soon be Japan’s tallest building, which is currently under construction in Tokyo, with the company’s first foray into Asia slated for 2028, according to developer Mitsubishi Estate Co.

The hotel, which is popular with royalty and celebrities, will open its doors within the 390-meter-high “Torch Tower,” which will be built near JR Tokyo Station and is scheduled to open in fiscal 2027.

Under the current plan, the hotel will occupy the 53rd through 58th floors of the building. It is expected to include 110 guest rooms, as well as restaurants and a pool, according to a press release jointly announced by Mitsubishi, Tokyo Century Corp and Dorchester Collection.

The hotel floor area is expected to total around 21,400 square meters and will treat guests to a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay and Mt. Fuji.

“We can provide an experience like no other,” Mitsubishi Estate President Junichi Yoshida said.

Although accommodation fees are yet to be announced, a Dorchester official said they are likely to be among the most expensive in Tokyo.

“World-class architects will inspire with their symbolic design torch concept, lighting up not only the future of Tokyo and Japan but also the world,” Christopher Cowdray, CEO of Dorchester Collection, said in the press release.

Hotels operated by Dorchester Collection are currently located in nine locations across five cities, including in London, Paris and Los Angeles.

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