Kafue Gorge Lower Power station have resumed


Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa says works on the Kafue Gorge Lower Power station have resumed following the arrival of some workers who were stranded in China due to outbreak of Covid-19

Mr. Nkhuwa says some Chinese workers from Sinohydro Corporation the contractor working on the project are in the country following the easing of restriction on air travel.

He says once completed the power station is expected to produce about 750 megawatts to the grid.

Mr Nkhuwa explained that Government is aware of the electricity challenges that people are facing hence the decision to invest in the construction of more power stations. .

He disclosed that the Kafue Gorge Lower Power station is expected to commissioned by October this year.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nkhuwa has announced that the water levels at Kariba Dam have been at five point three meters in the last five days out of the needed 13 meters.

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