Kishida appoints former Foreign Minister Matsumoto as new director of internal affairs.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced Monday that former Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto, 63, has been selected as the new internal affairs minister, succeeding Minoru Terada, who stepped down after mounting criticism over political fund-related problems.

Terada resigned the day before, becoming the third minister to be essentially fired in less than a month.

Kishida told reporters at the prime minister’s office that he chose Matsumoto because of his extensive knowledge of taxation and telecommunications, as well as his experience as a cabinet minister.


Asked about the possibility of extending the ongoing parliamentary session beyond Dec. 10 due to a spate of minister resignations, the prime minister merely said the government will do its best to pass important bills, including one for the second supplementary budget for the current fiscal year.

Matsumoto told reporters separately he will make efforts to “gain public trust.”

Matsumoto served as foreign minister under the now-defunct Democratic Party of Japan when it was in power between 2009 and 2012. He left the DPJ in 2015 and joined the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in 2017.

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