Leading Russian scientist says genetics & blood type can determine risk of death


Genetic predisposition, as well as the blood group to which the patient belongs, determines the risk a person has of dying from coronavirus, that’s according to a top Russian expert.

Mikhail Churnosov says that about 90 percent of human diseases are of a genetic nature and Covid-19 is no exception in this regard. Almost anyone can get the coronavirus, but some people have a sensitivity to this disease due to factors in their genome.

“Why do some get infected and get seriously ill, while others don’t? One of the explanations is the individual genetic characteristics of a person, including those that determine the functioning of certain enzymes, in particular the angiotensin-converting enzyme,” Churnosov told news agency TASS. He is the head of the laboratory of human molecular genetics and a professor at the Belgorod State National Research University.

He also stated that members of the second blood (A) group are most susceptible to coronavirus.

“In this case, the blood group is a genetic marker of adjacent genes that determine the body’s reactions to various environmental factors,” the professor explained. He added that other issues that can lead to a severe outcome from the disease are related pathologies, obesity and diabetes.

Previously, Iranian scientists have speculated on the connection blood type has with mortality from Covid-19.

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