Michael Boulos net worth, age, wiki, family, biography and recent news.

Michael Boulos was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on August 4, 1993, as a businessman, entrepreneur, and celebrity. He and his father own Boulos Enterprises. A trading company manufactures motorcycles and tricycles. Michael also works for SCOA Nigeria in public relations.

It is a Nigerian automobile producer. He rose to prominence after dating Tiffany Trump. She is, after all, Donald Trump’s daughter (US President). The couple went to the White House in the United States for a Christmas celebration. Ms. Trump shares a photo of herself with Michael. She also revealed that they are in a relationship.

He is currently enrolled in a university in London. During the summer, he frequently returns to Nigeria. Mr. Boulos’ role in his company has remained unchanged. He is the one who frequently goes out to parties.

In 2018, he socialized with actress Lindsay Lohan. Michael also attended New York Fashion Week. Tiffany and his lover were spotted on Taoray Wang’s show in September 2018.

According to Wikipedia, his grandfather’s name is Zouhair Faddoul. He is a business executive. Michael’s brother’s name is also Fares Boulos. He is actually a professional actor and rapper. Farastafari is Fare’s stage name.

Boulos is the name of the International School student in question. He also studies risk management and finance at the University of London.

Michael Boulos Net worth and profile summary

Michael Boulos’s net worth is thought to be around $17 million.

Full Name Michael Boulos
Birthday August 27, 1997
Birthplace Kfaraakka, Lebanon
Profession Businessman
Girlfriend/Fiance Tiffany Trump
Net Worth $20 million

Michael Boulos: Personal matters, wife and girlfriend

Due to his relationship with Tiffany, Michael is in the headlines. She is both a model and an actress. His affair is revealed in “Page Six’s” editorial piece. Nevertheless, Trump’s daughter hid her relationship.

Donald attended the immigration-related congress meeting. He refers to the continent of Africa as “Shithole.” But they are together right now. Tiffany and Michael took a step forward last year.

They planned a get-together for their families. Boulos chose the Mar-a-Lago Resort in Palm Beach. Ms. Tiffany previously dated Ross Mechanic, his ex-boyfriend. They parted ways. She attended Georgetown College. And she wants to go to law school.

Michael Boulos: Background

He completed his schooling at Regent’s University in London. According to his LinkedIn profile, the businessman has worked as the assistant director of SCOA since 2016.

Since 2019, Michael has served as the director of the Fadoul Group and the manager of business development for Royalton Investment.

Michael Boulos: Parents

Massad (the father) and Sarah Boulos are Michael Boulos’ parents (mother).

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