Sell maize to FRA,says Katambo

(Zanis) Agriculture Minister, MICHAEL KATAMBO has implored farmers across the country to priotised selling their maize to the government through the Food Reserve Agency -FRA-and contributes to the country’s strategic reserves.

Mr. KATAMBO told ZANIS in an interview in Masaiti yesterday that farmers should take advantage of the released funds and sell their crops on a cash basis in designated satellite depots dotted across the country.

And Mr. KATAMBO has also directed the FRA to quickly be on the ground and commence the purchasing of the grain where a target of 1 million metric tonnes has been set for procurement.

The Minister said for the first time in the history of this country Famers will be paid on cash basis upon delivery of their grain, further urging farmers to sell their maize to the agency to ensure food national security safeguarded and also leave some for home consumption.

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