SJW mob tears into ‘racist’ white woman after she holds black woman at gunpoint in viral clip

A face-off in Michigan that culminated with a black woman held at gunpoint has set the internet alight, with Twitter quick to pronounce the incident a hate crime. However, things aren’t always so black and white.

The encounter was captured on video by a black woman, with the footage going viral on Thursday. In it, a white woman points a handgun at the black woman filming, screaming at her to “getaway,”  while the black woman calls for the police, and accuses the white woman of trying to hit her with her vehicle.

After warning the black woman to “get the f**k back!,” the white lady hops into her car and speeds off.

The one-minute clip, which has made the rounds online, was originally posted to Twitter by user @makaysmith10, who said the altercation involved her “nieces and their mother,” while calling the enraged Caucasian “another Karen.”

This happen to my nieces and their mom not me!

— 🦋Makay (@makaysmith10) July 2, 2020

Commenters were quick to proclaim the gun-toting woman a “domestic terrorist,” a racist, and “KKKaren.”

However, a longer video soon emerged showing there was more to the story. The video starts with the black woman – Takelia Hill – accusing the white woman of racism and demanding she apologizes for allegedly bumping into Hill’s 15-year-old daughter at the entrance to a local fast-food restaurant.

The white woman, who refuses to apologize, accuses Hill of blocking the way to her car, while imploring her to call the police. As the white woman heads to the vehicle, the black woman and her niece follow, while proceeding to accost the woman, calling her “racist” and “ignorant.” Hill and her family claim she had “violated” the teen, and end up threatening to beat up the white woman’s husband after he refuses to confront his wife when asked to do so: “Who the f*** do you guys think you are? You called her names, she did nothing to you,” he says.

When already inside the vehicle, the white woman explodes into a rant, arguing that she is not racist and saying that she is “sorry” if the incident “has made someone feel” like they were subject to racism.

Hill, who can be seen behind the car in the video, then punches the vehicle’s back window.

Only then does the woman in the car draw her weapon, racking the slide and pointing it at Hill. At that point the original video clip begins.

“These white people, they’re so racist,” one girl can be heard saying.

Hill later claimed that she feared that the couple were about to run her over, although it’s unclear from the footage what prompted her to suggest that.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said on Thursday that the white couple were arrested and face felony assault charges. Oakland County Executive David Coulter also sided with Hill, calling the white couple’s behavior disturbing and “unacceptable.”

The Michigan couple isn’t the first to face the wrath of the online mob in the racially-charged atmosphere of recent weeks. A husband and wife in Missouri were shamed relentlessly online and attacked by liberal news pundits after they took up arms to defend their property from a crowd of ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters last month. The pair claim that the protesters broke down their gate, and city authorities are reportedly weighing charges against them.

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